NLMK Verona

NLMK Verona

Located in the North of Italy, NLMK Verona produces plates, forged and rolled plates, forged blocks and ingots. The plant is renowned for the quality of its plates and its unrivalled flexibility when it comes to the production of various formats.

Two thirds of its output is sold in Italy, with the remainder being sold mainly within Europe. However, sales to Asia and the Americas are constantly growing. In addition to its expertise in very thick construction steels, it offers more specialist steels such as pressure vessel or tool steels. It enables NLMK Verona to be fully integrated into the Group’s industrial strategy to target niche products.

Facts about NLMK Verona

  • Established in 2004 and located in Verona, Northern Italy, close to main loading seaports
  • Maximum capacity of 500,000 t
  • Production of ingots, hot rolled plates, forged plates and forged blocks
  • Worldwide sales network

68 MT tapping capacity Electric Arc Furnace – 75 MVA transformer – 2 ladle furnaces for max 85 MT capacity of liquid refining

Vacuum degassing for all products for max 85 MT of liquid treatment

  • Grades with high structural homogeneity and cleanliness
  • Low hydrogen guaranteed (less than 1.5 ppm)

Continuous casting and bottom poured ingots (up to 120 MT), 3 batch furnaces for 180 MT, 10.000 tons forging press integrated with a rail manipulator 85 MT capacity + rolling stand

  • Heat treatment department for annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering
  • Dimension range: thickness max 1300 mm, width max 3000 mm, length 16000 mm.
Management: Giovanni Borinelli (General director)
Address: Via Antonio Salieri, 22, 37050 Vallese di Oppeano VR
Phone: +39 (045) 699-79-11